Why not celebrate Valentine’s Day with a romantic Valentine’s Day getaway this year? If you are not sure what to do or where to go here are some ideas for a great (romantic) Valentine’s Day Getaway.

Valentine's Day GetawayValentine’s Day Cruise

Valentine’s Day is that day of the year where it pays to plan something really romantic if you want to win your woman over – and what’s more romantic than a cruise? You don’t need to go for weeks on end, there are weekend cruises available. More »

Family vacations are perfect to create unforgettable childhood memories. But only if everyone enjoys them and if there is enough to do for the kids and parents. But how do you pick kid friendly vacations? And how do you make sure it stays an affordable family vacation?

kid friendly vacationsWhat Makes Vacations Kid Friendly?

There are a few things that can make your vacation more “kids friendly” and I would categorise them as follows

  • Kid friendly on the budget
  • Kid friendly on the service
  • Kid friendly on the activities

Below you will find some great tips on how to pick a kid friendly vacation in all these areas. With this in mind you make sure your next family trip is one of the most kid friendly vacations you ever had. More »

Once you have decided to go on a Romantic or Adventurous Couples Getaway you need to start some planning. So today we are giving you our favourite online resources for successful couple getaways planning.

Couple Getaways PlanningPlanning Your Trip – Top Resources

We have divided our resources into two groups. First the sites where you can find general information about your destination, second some great resources to help you find the best deal for your trip. So let’s get going

Destination Resources More »

Couple GetawaysSometimes you just need to do it – get away with your partner, just the two of you, no one else. But where are the best couple getaways? Let’s have a look and see what options you have available for your romantic getaway.

Couple Getaways – Where To Go

Before you start packing your bags your couple getaways you need to decide when and where to go. Depending on your preferences as a couple there are very different options like: More »

So you just had a long holiday or a big spend and think you can’t get away? Think again – Cheap Short Breaks are the ideal getaway between long holidays or if you do enough of them maybe Cheap Short Breaks can replace the one big holiday.

Cheap Short BreaksCheap Short Breaks – Where To Go

Some people say that taking several cheap short breaks could be more beneficial than taking one long vacation. But where do you go? The choice is yours, there are as many as for a long holiday:

  • Head to the mountains
  • Go to the seaside
  • Visit a major city
  • Discover something new close to home

What To Do During Short Getaways

Depending on where you go to and what your interests are there is a limitless number of things you can explore and do during several cheap short breaks throughout the year. You can More »

The holiday season is here, a time to celebrate and enjoy. Christmas Breaks with family and friends can be great fun. This time of the year most family members will have time of so you can plan a great family Christmas break – or just sneak away with your loved one .

Christmas Breaks in ParisChristmas Break Suggestions

There is something for everyone this Christmas, and wherever you are in the world there is a great place for a Christmas Break close to you I bet. Here are just some ideas where you can go, depending on what style of Christmas Breaks you would like to enjoy. More »

So what are you planning this Christmas? Any special Christmas Destinations on your mind? There might be more options than staying at home or visiting the relatives.

Christmas DestinationsWhat Makes Christmas Destinations Great?

I guess it depends a bit (or a lot) on your personal taste what you would consider a great Christmas Destination, so the places and ideas mentioned here are by no means complete or correct. They are just some ideas that might get you thinking about your Christmas plans. And there might be even something that you could combine with the relatives, who knows.

Before you embark on your trip you will have to decide what makes Christmas Destinations great for you personally. Should it be More »

Looking for a new idea for your weekend getaway? Why not try an Outdoor Weekend? It can be total fun and you have heaps of different options to pick from. You can even have a whole series of outdoor weekends and still do something new every time.

Outdoor WeekendPlan Your Outdoor Weekend

No matter what you want to do and experience on your outdoor weekend, a good plan is really important. Part of the planning phase is getting the right equipment, best available information, checking influences like weather, tide, sunrise and sunset and so on.

As your outdoor weekend can be happening in a really remote area it is also very important to be prepared for emergencies and again have the right equipment with you. Like a personal GPS and emergency beacon if you go bush walking, first aid equipment (and know how to use it), food and water for a bit longer then you think you might need it, just in case. More »