Couple GetawaysSometimes you just need to do it – get away with your partner, just the two of you, no one else. But where are the best couple getaways? Let’s have a look and see what options you have available for your romantic getaway.

Couple Getaways – Where To Go

Before you start packing your bags your couple getaways you need to decide when and where to go. Depending on your preferences as a couple there are very different options like:

Which one takes your fancy? Depending what you are looking for you will end up with totally different getaways for couples. So make sure you think about what you want to experience first, before you look for the destination.

If for example you want to have a romantic getaway but want to be in an exciting city at the same time – yes, you guessed it, Paris is definitely a great choice. But there are other beautiful cities as well that can fit into your category.

As long as you know what you are looking for, and most likely you will end up with more than one great option.

Couples Holidays – When To Go

As you have decided you want to be by yourself, no kids or friends to join you, it’s the question when do you want to go. If the dates are not dictated by your boss and when he will give you time off make sure you pick the best time for your chosen destination.

Two major factors should be considered:

  • Weather at your destination
  • Cost at your destination

Some places have a very strong on and off season, others won’t. In some places the weather can have a big impact on what you are able to do once you are there, so make sure you pick the right time. Otherwise it might not be very romantic or relaxing after all.

Top 5 Couple Getaways – Personal Choice

I know there are lots of great places to go to as a couple, but here are my personal top 5 couple getaways:

  1. Paris – the ultimate city getaway for two, closely followed by Vienna, New York and Sydney
  2. California – nothing better than sharing a motorbike on Route 66 or through Yosemite National Park
  3. New Zealand – hire a camper van and discover the islands in your own time
  4. Nepal – if you love hiking this is one of the most beautiful (and exotic) places to do this, as a couple or in a group
  5. Koh Samui – a small island for a relaxed beach holiday with secluded spots just for you and your partner

These are my favourites, but what are your top couple getaways? Where have you been or where would you love to go with your loved one?


  1. Ah when it comes to travel i love it favorite getaway would be

    2.Italy (Rome , Venice and Florence )
    3.France (Paris)
    4.Maldives ( Of course a candle light dinner in sea shore )
    Sheril Benedict recently posted..The Forgotten LegendMy Profile


  2. Most of my holidays in the past 19 years have been with my husband and two boys, but as my sons are now almost 17 and almost 20 we are starting to think about couple holidays again :)
    My top 5 places visited so far are skiing at Sun Peaks in Canada, skiing at Shiga Kogen in Japan, hiking in the Lake District in the UK, skiing and hiking in the Snowy Mountains in Australia and being a tourist in London.
    You’ve got me in the mood for another holiday now :)
    Jan Littlehales recently posted..Vegetable Lasagna – in Ten MinutesMy Profile


  3. Hi,

    Interesting post about couple getaways.Paris,the city of love is definitely the number one place to go for a couple getaways.It has both amazing food and view. The atmosphere is great for a lovely and relaxing holiday. Thank you for sharing this!

    Kind regards,
    Wilson recently posted..Occasion Wear For WeddingsMy Profile


  4. To fully escape the noise of modern society, my getaway place is a hard to find place in Australia named Mallacoota, which is about as far East as one can go in Victoria. See if you can find it !
    Harry Lynn recently posted..Learning Piano – My Learning Journey Part FourMy Profile


  5. We would love the weekends to getaway – we are thinking about camping on the beach for the weekend so we can have a change of scenery!

    I have always thought that the weekend in Paris would be so romantic!

    Lisa Wood recently posted..There Were Seven In The Bed And The Little One SaidMy Profile


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