So you are planning to go away on a Weekend Getaway, with your loved one, your friends or your whole family. But – what to pack? What do you need to pack for a weekend getaway so you can really enjoy it?

Packing For The Weekend

As we all know, in the end that depends on a lot of factors. Like

  • where are you going on your weekend getaway? To the City or outdoors? Or maybe on a Weekend Cruise?
  • when are you going? How will the weather be where you are going? Warm? Cold? Wet? Dry?
  • what are you planning to do? Relaxing, action or total romance? Have you been there before and you know your way around or not?
  • who are you going with? Just yourself, you and your partner, friends, or family?

So please don’t expect us to give you the perfect list that will cover each event for everyone, but there are some essentials that – if you pack them – you will be covered on most bases.

And yes, there are some trick to packing only a few essentials that will make you (and your wardrobe) extremly flexible with just a few items. So let’s get cracking:

Top 7 Packing Tips

Every one of us has different needs so this is not an extensive list of what each and everyone needs, but it will definitely point you in the right direction.

  1. Be aware of your location and your planned activities
    The weather that you expect (sun, rain, snow?) and the plans you have for your weekend getaway (shopping? skiing? sleeping? hiking? relaxing?) have a profound impact on your needs so check out any “special needs” you might have before you start packing

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  1. I definitely prefer packing to go away in summer as you don’t have to pack half of the clothes you would in winter. You seem to need so much when its cold.
    Jackie Stenhouse recently posted..Heart Cookie CuttersMy Profile


  2. I definitely pack light, wherever I’m going, and as a result have been known to scrounge clothing from my husband because I didn’t take enough. Of course, it’s a nice excuse to buy something new if you have forgotten something :)
    janlittlehales recently posted..Chicken and Vegetable Chowder – in Ten MinutesMy Profile


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